Business Development

All you need to sell your product and your service.

For the Business Development purpose, Ambico analyses company resources, explores potential markets and proposes an investment with immediate benefit and results.

Ambico provides acquired knowledge and skills for the internationalization of a company for its clients.

Specialists have been hired capable to speak several languages and to interface companies on different markets.

The Business Development for small and medium enterprises, a concrete result.

3 tools for the Business Development


Feasibility Study
Analysis of business needs and development opportunities.


Market Research
Client partner, suppliers and competitors research in the target country.


E- marketing
Organization and calls and mailing sales.

Companies focus their investments on product and service development. But today the markets require investments in new sales tools so to catch new clients and new partners.

How does it work


Analysis of business needs and development opportunities.

The global market, increasingly competitive and specialized, represent a great growth opportunity in a phase of very disturbed economy like the present one.

Facing the global market serenely and with a weighted risk, even for the most structured companies, requires substantial investments for grow up and internationalisation, as well as highly qualified skills that are not easy to find.

In this constantly moving scenario, Ambico proposes itself as an ideal partner of companies that want to play the challenge of internationalization: a team capable of assisting them and supporting their expansion strategies on the internal and global market with a careful evaluation of the return on invested capital and integrated services.

Through specialized skills in complementary sectors and institutional relations, Ambico is able to offer companies and business networks both general nature and aimed those aiming at defined sectors services, as well as context analysis, the assessment of business development opportunities, up to the definition of a wide range of strategic solutions, feasibility plans and executive projects.

This is possible, above all, thanks to the analysis of structural concessions, which guarantee the access to resources if the investment meets the mandatory requirements, and to the identification of the most appropriate investments program to obtain the maximum benefit.


Finding customers, partners, suppliers and competitors in the target Country.

Once Ambico has individuated the targets, finding and providing useful information to the company that wants to invest in Italy and Abroad is possible.

In addition to the individuation of opportunities for each Country analysed, it is possible to develop a complete list of potential clients with telephone numbers and email addresses. This applies also suppliers and competitors.

  • Profiled clients with name, email and telephone number.
  • Suppliers with specific certifications and referents.
  • Finding Italian and/or foreign partners for the development of joint projects also as a business network.
  • Analysis of Italian and Foreign competitors present on the target market.


Organization and sales through calls and mailings.

Having the right skills and the necessary information, the client company can entrust to Ambico the contact with target companies (clients, suppliers, partners. Etc.).

Contacts are made by telephone, emails and web. In support of this, specific presentations will be drafted.

When a target company shows interest in learning more, Ambico’s specialists organize on site, telephone or web meeting.

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