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Ambico is the Financial Partner for the implementation of your project and for the development of your business in Italy.


Italy is a land of extraordinary culture, taste and talent, as well as being one of the leading economies in the world: the third-largest economy in the Eurozone and the eighth-largest in the world, with a domestic market of 60 millions people; it’s the second-largest manufacturing economy in Europe and the fifth-largest in the global market.

Invest in Italy means to access a market of 500 million consumers in the European Union and 270 million in North Africa and in the Middle East. Italy is in the first place of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites ranking (55 declared), the tourist flow in Italy counts 50 million people every year, making it the fifth tourist destination in the world.

Italy is green and innovative, it’s the third European renewable energy producer, one third of the electricity produced comes from green resources: hydropower, solar power, bioenergy, wind and geothermal power. It’s the leading economy of EU for pharmaceutical production value and one of the world leaders in robotics.




Investing in Italy means having access to highly qualified staff and to unique skills in leading sectors of MADE IN ITALY: pharmaceutical, fashion, food, technical machinery, robotics and design.

The Italian Government provides plenty of financial subsidies aimed at increasing the attractiveness of Italy as a destination for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), mainly enhancing R&D investments, supporting areas of industrial crisis and encouraging the growth of innovative new enterprises.


Access to tax reliefs, tax credits, non-returnable grants and interest-free financing, strengthened by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).


Locate your foreign company in Italy.


Invest in existing Italian businesses, innovative start-up companies and in R&D.


Invest in Made in Italy competitiveness and skilled labour.


Invest in import – export. With 40 harbours and 42 airports, Italy is a strategic logistic hub in the Mediterranean.



Italy is one of the three key economies of the Eurozone in growth, in order to promote investments and facilities for the enterprises, 200 billion of the NRRP, 9 billion for the REPOWER EU, 7 billion of the PR and many other resources have been allocated until 2026, making Italy the best market to invest and do business in.



Ambico is the Financial Partner for the implementation of your business project and for the development of your company. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with various bodies, associations, universities and institutions: we evaluate the feasibility of our clients’ projects through the synergetic use of all the incentives and funding available.

Monitoring of the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy of the Regions and other Institutions.

Ambico, thanks to a decade commitment in CONFAPI, monitors the overview of available tax concessions and grants for the companies also through direct consultations with the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, The Cassa Depositi e Presiti (CDP), the Regions and other institutions.

Our client companies are included in a special database that classifies them according to the business type and specific features. This allows to combine them in real time to all the facilities that may concern them, because the best time to seize an opportunity is now!

Agreement with the Algerian National Agency for the development and support of entrepreneurship

The agreement subscription between CONFAPI and the Algerian National Agency for Support and Promotion of Entrepreneurship, involves the exchange of best practices, technical support in manufacturing and agro-food industry and the development of skills in the internationalization and digital marketing field.

The agreement was signed thanks to Maurizio Casasco, President of CONFAPI and European President of SMEs, who allowed this agreement with the President Mario Draghi.

Meeting with the Ministry of the Environment and Tourism of Mongolia

14 million euros for the Internationalization of enterprises in Veneto have been allocated. The President Ciambetti states: “Mongolia is opening up to the world and there are important opportunities in the agri-food, textile, mining, metal and agro-mechanical industries for Veneto Companies.

The Representative of the Mongolian Government, Ganbaatar Myagmarjav, was received in the Regional Council of Veneto by the President Roberto Ciambetti, and on behalf of business sector including: Jonathan Morello Ritter and Davide d’Onofrio of Confapi in Padova.

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