Training 4.0

Digital training necessary for companies to be competitive in the national and international market.

We have specialized in transfering the skills for the 4.0 production, sales and marketing 4.0

Specialist training for employees and entrepreneurs also “on board”.

Since 2010 we have collaborated with the Department of Science Education of the University of Padua and with other institutions to train staff and entrepreneurs.

Ambico has been ISO-9001EA37 certified since 2021. The cost of our 4.0 training service can be 50% facilitated.

3 Training Areas

Thanks to our training you will able to manage:


4.0 Marketing Processes
Communicate and became a web leader, organize web-conference, promote your own products and services in the digital market.


4.0 Sales Processes
Find customers on the web, manage them with CRM and cloud, e-commerce software.


4.0 Production Processes
Use interconnected machinery, manage online data and monitor production data.

Acquiring digital skills is often very expensive but thanks to concessions it is possible to recover important resources.

A practical example

Transfer of Transition 4.0 skills for the digital integration of sales and marketing processes.

All this is possible thanks to the support of structural concessions, which guarantee the access to resources if the investment meets the mandatory requirements, and to the identification of the most appropriate investments programmes to obtain the maximum benefit.

Trading Consultancy

Trading consultancy that includes feasibility study, market research, e-marketing and B2B meetings.

Training 4.0

Transfer of Transition 4.0 skills for digital integration for sales and marketing processes.

Recovered costs of employees

Transition 4.0 allows to recover 50% of the cost of internal personnel, including administrative, engaged in training activity.


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