Training 4.0 for employees and entrepreneurs

Up to 50% of Tax Credit for 4.0 training activities

  • 50% of the cost of external training activities
  • 50% of the cost of trained internal staff and trainers

The credit is recoverable the following year from the year when incurring the costs.

Are you an entrepreneur who invests in staff training to facilitate the digitalization and modernization of your company?

The 4.0 Training Tax Credits is the subsidy you can apply for.

Areas of knowledge and skills application

  1. Sales and marketing (Purchasing; Retail; Wholesale; Warehouse management; Consumer services; Storage; Demonstration techniques; Marketing; Market research)
  2. Information Technology (Analysis of computer systems; Electronic data processing; Training of network administrators; Programming languages; Computer systems design; Computer programming; Operating systems; Software for capital goods 4.0 development and management; Software 4.0)
  3. Production techniques and technologies (Manufacture of firearms; Manufacture of tools and molds; Metal casting and mold making; Hydraulics; Mechanical engineering; Metallurgical engineering; Sheet metal processing; Precision mechanics; Metal machining; Welding; Steel industry; Air conditioning; Gas distribution; Nuclear; hydraulic and thermal energy; Climate engineering; Electrical engineering; Installation and maintenance of power lines; Electrical installations; Production of electricity; Repair of electrical apparatus; Telecommunications electronics; Control engineering; Electronic Engineering; Installation of communications equipment; Maintenance of communications equipment; Maintenance of electronic equipment; Robotics; Communication systems; Telecommunication technologies; Data processing technologies; Biotechnology; Operation of processing plants and machinery; Chemical engineering; Chemical Process Engineering; Oil, gas and petrochemical processes; Process chemistry techniques; Laboratory techniques (chemical); Biochemical technologies; Shipbuilding; Boat maintenance and repair; Automotive engineering; Motorcycle engineering; Vehicle maintenance and repair; Aircraft design; Aircraft maintenance; Precision agriculture; Food processing; Food preservation; Beverage production; Tobacco processing; Food science and technology; Packaging of footwear; Spinning; Processing of leather and skins; Preparation and spinning of wool; Production of clothing; Production of leather and hides; Tailoring; Saddlery; Industrial weaving; Industrial ceramics; Cabinetry; Manufacture of furniture; Carpentry (not building); Rubber processing; Wood processing and bending; Industrial glass processing; Plastic production; Paper production and processing; Industrial production of diamonds; Wood construction technologies; Coal mining; Extraction of gas and oil; Raw material extraction; Geotechnical engineering; Mining engineering; Cartography / surveying and surveys; Design of architectural structures; Urban design and planning; Building design; Bridge construction; Road construction; Building; Plumbing, heating and ventilation systems; Civil Engineering; Construction Engineering; Port engineering; Building and Engineering Technologies (Building Information Modeling))

Eligible Projects

The training projects focused on the acquisition of 4.0 skills are eligible.

Now, companies mainly require training on 4.0 processes regarding marketing and digital sales.

Training in general should cover the following aspects:

  • Big data and data analysis;
  • Cloud and fog computing;
  • Cyber security;
  • Simulation and physical cyber systems;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Visualization systems, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (RA);
  • Advanced and collaborative robotics;
  • Human machine interface;
  • Adaptive manufacturing or three-dimensional printing;
  • Internet of things and machine; Digital integration of business processes.


Who are the beneficiaries?

All companies resident in Italy, including permanent organisations of non-resident subject, can benefit from the credit, regardless of their legal nature, their economical sector, their dimesion, their accounting regime and the system for determining income for tax purposes.

What is the maximum grant you can obtain?

The amount varies according to the dimension of the company. For the Small Businesses it can go up to Euro 300.000.

Regulatory framework

Article 1, paragraphs 46-56, Law 27 December 2017, n. 205 and subsequent amendments.
Article 1, paragraph 1064, letters i) and l), Law 30 December 2020, n. 178.


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